Auto Stat, Dimmer Stat, Variac


8A 1phase Motorised


100A Box Type


Is a continuously variable voltage autotransformer, having a movable carbon tip, fixed to a brush-arm sliding on a silver plated commuter. Rotation of the brush-arm by either manual or motor drive, delivers-an output voltage from zero to or above line voltage. SUMIT conforms to I.S. 5142 of 1969. Manufacturing range: 4Amps to 200Amps, Single Phase & Three Phase.




Construction: SUMIT autotransformers are designed for heavy duty trouble-free operation. All components are designed to give maximum life to the unit under extreme operating conditions, and do not require to be changed frequently. This practically makes the maintenance free electrical equipment.

Excellent Regulation: The drop in voltage from “no load to full load” is minimum in our auto-transformers.

High Efficiency: Used electrolyte copper, CRGO Annelid core selection for low watt loss.

No Wave From Distortion: We provides an output voltage wave-from, which is faithful and distortion less replica of the input voltage wave from.

Silver Plated Communator: A special silver plating technique is used on the commutator, enabling it to with stand high overloads and maintain constant contact drop. It also ensures smooth operation, long life and increased resistance to corrosion.

Low Operating Torque: A glass smooth commutator, special sintered bushing for the shaft and perfect assembling for the coils, results in low operating torque for all our Auto-transformers.

Smooth & Linear Output: As voltage between turns is small & as the brush-arm is in constant contact with more than one turn, Harmful sparking is avoided & output voltage can be set very easily to fraction of a volt from zero onwards by rotation of the knob.

Low Magnetizing Current: By using an adequate section of high quality grain oriented silicon steel, the iron losses, are controlled to the minimum. The no-load current in all our transformers, is invariably less than 3% of the rated current.

Negligence Maintenance & Trouble-Free Long Life: We had been carefully designed. No special care has to be taken to maintain our auto transformers in normal working environments. The only components needing inspections & maintenance are the carbon tips & the commutator surface of foreign particles & accumulated dust will ensure a considerably long, maintenance free & uninterrupted life of the unit.

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