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Power Transformers

Power Transformers
We hold expertise in offering single phase, three phase open type & enclosure type power transformers. Our process expertise in designing & manufacturing of power transformers allow us to meet the requirements of UPS Inverter, control panel manufacturers & elevator industry.

The autotransformer is based on characteristics of the tapped winding this devices is really more in the nature of a circuit arrangment then a distinct breed of component.

The Auto transformer are frequently used to convert local power to some other voltage, like 3 phase 440 to 230v and 1 phase 230v to 115v.

Ideal for power industries, our qualitative gamut of Single Phase & 3 phase transformer offered by us feature strip wound cut cores or toroidal cores that successfully maintain the requirements of mains, isolating, control, safety, auto transformers. Further, the 3 phase transformer available with us are constructed by winding three single phase to prevent the formation of moisture as well as ensure prevention of winding isolation.
Product Range:

Control Transformers | Power Transformers | CVT-50 VA To 3 KVA | Line Chokes | Ignition Transformer | Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer
3 Phase Relay Test Kit | Dual Type Relay Test Kit | DC Power Pack | Oil Test Unit | HV Tester | MV Drop Tester | HV Tester 50
Primary Current Injection Test Kit | 1 Phase Relay Test Kit | Auxiliary Relay Test Kit | Knee Point Tester | Torodial Transformer
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