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Control Transformers

24 VA Control Transformers
500 VA Control Transformers 300 VA Control Transformers
ESPEE control transformers are designed to successfully sustain high surge inputs. All control transformers like PCB Mountings flying leads type, special clamping systems are also available as per customer's requirement. These control transformers are basically used for electronic equipment & systems.
Product Range:

Control Transformers | Power Transformers | CVT-50 VA To 3 KVA | Line Chokes | Ignition Transformer | Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer
3 Phase Relay Test Kit | Dual Type Relay Test Kit | DC Power Pack | Oil Test Unit | HV Tester | MV Drop Tester | HV Tester 50
Primary Current Injection Test Kit | 1 Phase Relay Test Kit | Auxiliary Relay Test Kit | Knee Point Tester | Torodial Transformer
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