Toroidal Transformers


ESPEE is a pioneer in the manufacture of Toroidal Power Transformers in India. Its thrust is towards customized Toroidal Transformers for the domestic and international markets. Espee Toroidal Transformers have a Va rating between 50 to 3 KVA. Their tape wound CRGO silicon steel core are constructed with metal tape wound onto a mandrel under closely controlled tension, then annealed and treated to fully develop the required magnetic characteristics of Torodial cores are never dependent on their assembly. The air gap in this core is zero. The super enameled copper wire is then wound by an automatic winding machine uniformly around the entire length of the toroid, assuring uniform quality.
The shape of the core is such that the magnetic field of the toroid is contained within itself. Hence there’s no radiation of stray magnetic flux and the Transformer can be placed in high density electronic circuitry without any interfering hum. Leakage inductance and stray capacitance are also very small. And when the Toroidal Transformer is placed in an interfering field, the interfering forces tend to act equally all around the toroid, resulting in the cancellation of interfering voltages in the coils in a manner similar to the astatic windings.
Advantages :
ESPEE Toroidal Transformers have a number of obvious advantages over the conventional ‘E & I’ core transformers. They are as follows.
Maximum utilization of the flux density generated leads to higher efficiency and lower percentage regulation. Lack of interfering hum eliminates the need for magnetic shielding , which is required by conventional transformers, and also enables the toroid to be fitted into electronic circuitry without causing electrical interference.
The winding covers the entire length of the core thus further minimizing the leakage inductance by maintaining all the lines of flux within the core itself.
The air gap losses in a Toroidal Transformer are nil and the superior CRGO core results in negligible energy loss leading to greater efficiency and superior performance and that too at a lower cost.
The height of a Toroidal Transformer is considerably lower than the ‘E’ & ‘I’ core transformer. Which means that it’s ideal for ‘Slimline’ electronics. Moreover, the variable core geometry ensures that a Toroidal Transformer can be designed to fit in a specific space – a tremendous advantage where space is a constraint.
Its compact size makes the Toroidal Transformer lighter than other transformers. A single bolt mounting eliminates the need for an additional bracket and mounting bolts leading to easier mounting and a lighter end product.
The Toroidal Transformer is cooler because its surface area is greater than other transformers. The characteristics of toroids are never dependent on the way the use assembles the core; they are assembled and treated at the factory for optimum results which enhances performance.
Toroidal Transformers come in a variety of finishes. You can chose from metal case, thermoplastic resin filled case, thermosetting varnish glass cloth, cotton cloth and plastic tape finishes.

A toroidal transformer is designed and developed by Espee Electricals only after it receives specifics from the clients. A detailed report accompanies the transformer design to the client. Espee also has the capability to assist in mounting, chassis design and incorporation of Toroidal Transformers into existing or new equipment.

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